Apple partners with Google, Mozilla and Microsoft to unify their browser extensions

What Manzana, Google or Microsoft They are competition, it does not mean that they do not speak to each other and that they are constantly at war. If not the opposite. From time to time they associate and form a team if the benefit of the project is for all parties.

And this is happening now with the issue of extensions from your web browsers. Instead of throwing each one away, it seems that they are going to disagree on standardizing some programming protocols to facilitate the work of third-party developers.

Apple is holding conversations and working meetings with technicians from Google, Mozilla and Microsoft to standardize the extensions of their corresponding web browsers:Safari, Chrome, Firefox Y Edge.

We have already lived the proof of this since last year, where Apple added support for WebExtension API in the Macs version of Safari. This API is a technology multi platformso that the extensions are compatible between different web browsers, including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

CNET just published that Apple and other big tech companies have met at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to see how they can ease the web extension development process by reducing the differences between different browsers. The idea is that these universal extensions work the same way in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

In this way they intend, on the one hand, to facilitate the work of third parties developers so that your extensions are compatible with different browsers, without having to recode them for each one of them.

And on the other hand, provide the user with the possibility of using their favorite extension, independently of the browser you use. Good news, no doubt.

We will be aware of the news that Apple will present to us this Monday at the WWDC 2021, because surely some of them will be from Safari, without a doubt.

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