Apple Music will have a “Special Event” after WWDC tomorrow

The WWDC of 2021 will take place in 24 hours and on it we hope to see all the news that Apple has prepared for us at the software level for the different operating systems of each of its devices: iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15. All this news will presumably arrive after the summer, as always, around September. But it does not seem to be enough this year for Apple, since in a video published by mistake? on the Apple Music website, It seems that we will have a “special event” on June 7 a couple of hours after the start of WWDC dedicated to Apple’s music streaming service.

The video currently seems to have been removed from the web since it indicates that it is not available when trying to access (you can do it from this link), but you can always find a trace of its existence on Twitter where it was first identified (Tweet). This event is not on the schedule for WWDC and it seems that it will be focused on Space Audio incorporated into Apple Music, a feature that Apple announced would be launching soon.

Apple announced Spatial Audio, powered by Dolby Atmos, would reach all Apple Music subscribers this June. Additionally, Apple also announced that the “lossless” audio functionality would also reach its streaming music service in order to obtain a higher quality of sound in streaming (that if, taking into account the physical limitations of the headphones when we use Bluetooth) .

Those from Cupertino have promoted all these new functionalities of their service through social networks and even from within the Apple Music app itself. However, It had never been mentioned that there would be a special event dedicated to this service and its new features. About the event, we do not know much more, where we also do not know its duration.

WWDC will start tomorrow at 7pm and you can follow it with us from the special event that we have already created, where we will comment on each of the news that Apple will launch tomorrow. Here is the link so that you can discover with us what Apple wants to show us in this “surprise” event: LINK.

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