Apple Music improves album search

Apple Music has been enriched with a new functionality which simplifies the search for the version of the album we are looking for.

Thanks to this new function, when more versions of the same album are available they will be listed in a dedicated section called Other versions, which will be immediately below the list of songs on an album.

As Federico Viticci notes, this feature was already present on the streaming service Beats Music, which was later acquired by Apple. For example, now if we go to the page of Death Cab for Cutie in Apple Music, we will see in the list only a version of the album of the group called Transatlanticism, so as to avoid duplication. By opening that album, however, we will notice the section Other versions where, in this case, we will find the Demo and Tenth anniversary versions.

Although it is a very marginal novelty, it is nice that Apple has decided to insert it for rmake viewing albums more orderly.

Apple Music

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