Apple improves the “Switch to iOS” app for Android users

With iOS 15, Apple has made some improvements to the “Switch to iOS” app which allows Android users to easily transfer data from their old smartphone to an iPhone.

from android to ios

To help Android users to switch to iPhone, Apple has long since created the app “Switch to iOS”To easily transfer content such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, web favorites, emails, calendars, DRM-free songs, wallpapers and more. This app has been around since 2015, but with the release of iOS 15 Apple has made some improvements.

With the new version, Apple will also allow Android users to transfer photo albums, files, folders and accessibility settings from their Android devices to new iPhones to enable a more personalized iOS experience right from the start. Additionally, Apple will make it easier to download the app by implementing a QR code that Android users will be able to scan when setting up the new iPhone.

The new transfer options will be available when setting up a new device with iOS 15‌ from an Android phone, so it is likely that they will only be rolled out in the fall with the final release of the new operating system.


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