Apple hires former BMW executive Ulrich Kranz

Former BMW executive and founder of self-driving vehicle startup Ulrich Kranz has been hired by Apple to work on the company’s Project Titan.

apple car

As reported by Bloomberg, at the beginning of the year Ulrich Kranz he founded the startup Canoo specializing in self-driving car. Before creating this new project, as an executive he had contributed to the development of the vehicles i3 and i8 at BMW, where he worked for over 30 years.

According to Bloomberg, Kranz’s hiring is a sign that Apple is determined to build a self-driving vehicle which will compete directly with Tesla. Kranz will report directly to Apple Car chief Doug Fields.

Voices on one Apple Car have increased in recent months, with Apple intent on finding a manufacturing partner to develop its vehicle. According to the latest rumors, it will take around five years for this vehicle to be ready for debut.


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