Apple gives the surprise and launches iCloud + at WWDC 2021

At WWDC 2021 time has also been devoted to iCloud and Apple ID. Two new Apple ID options have been announced. One of them for access your account when you forget your password and another one to leave your information as a legacy when you die. It has also been presented iCloud + a bundle of three new services added to current iCloud plans related to privacy over the Internet.

More security and privacy with new iCloud + features

Apple ID has been given the option to cede control of our account to family or friends so that, in case of death, we can give them all our information and that they can manage it. In addition, another option has been introduced to recover the password of our account when we do not remember it, adding close people as witnesses of our account.

It has also been presented iCloud +, a series of services added to current paid subscriptions and that does not increase the value of them. These are the new features:

  • Private Relay: a kind of virtual shield that allows you to browse the Internet more safely and privately. Making your virtual requests are encrypted wherever you go.
  • Hide My Email: hide your personal email address by generating different random emails that redirect to your personal one.
  • HomeKit Secure Video: introduce unlimited cameras to view through HomeKit built into iCloud.
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