Apple created 20,000 jobs in India

Apple’s relocation of operations to India has created around 20,000 jobs so far, with suppliers pledging to increase employment by March 2022 with a goal of triple that number.

Apple’s supply chain is vast and has been largely dependent on China for years. Pressure from shareholders, Western governments, and general global politics have prompted Apple to seek alternatives, one of which is India.

As Apple’s presence in India grew, so did the vacancies. According to a report by Digitimes Asia, till now Apple has brought about 20,000 jobs to the country. These jobs were created by the nine suppliers who manufacture and assemble products in the country.

India has also offered an incentive to foreign companies to shift production through a subsidy program called the Production Linked Incentive. Foxconn and Winston both applied for the incentive and pledged to grow jobs in the coming months.

The report suggests that Apple’s employment rate in India would be even higher if COVID-19 hadn’t impacted the entire supply chain.


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