Apple compensates a girl for millions of dollars

Apple settled a 2016 lawsuit filed by a 21-year-old student who, after sending her iPhone for service, found that employees had downloaded explicit, personal images and videos from her phone during the repair process.

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The student had sent her iPhone to Apple Service, but some employees of a California repair center run by Pegatron they downloaded photos and videos from the girl’s phone. Apple was sued as being responsible for the repair, as Pegatron was an official supplier to the company for this type of work.

As reported the Telegraph, Apple agreed to pay “Millions of dollars“By way of damages. The lawsuit revealed that the employees downloaded about 10 nude and sex images and videos from the girl’s iPhone, taken from the photo library and then shared online by the same technicians. Apple was sued for invasion of privacy and emotional harm.

The company stated that “when we learned of this blatant violation of our policies at one of our suppliers in 2016, we took immediate action and have continued to strengthen our sales protocols ever since“. The indicted employees were fired immediately.

One of the problems that emerged from this story is that Apple asks customers to send iPhones for service with the passcode disabled, which allows technicians to easily access all data stored on the device. Apple also suggests resetting the device before sending it, and this is a practice that should always be done after the backup and before sending the iPhone for service.


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