Apple Car loses several top managers but hires continue

Little is officially known about the Apple Car project, with information arriving fragmented and without official confirmation from Apple. Despite a team of engineers still actively working, the project appears to have lost many distinguished top managers.

Apple car

To reveal the news is the always well informed Bloomberg, however, specifying that these departures have not affected Apple’s willingness to continue the project. Among the illustrious names at the start we find again Dave Scott, leading the robotics teams for Apple Car, but also Jamie Waydo, leading the safety and regulatory team, to finish with Benjamin Lyon, one of the members of the first research team behind Apple’s self-driving car.

Despite these illustrious departures, the Cupertino company is actively working to recruit new professionals to be included in the project.

John Giannandrea remains at the helm of the Apple Car project, a project that currently sees Apple actively working on an autonomous driving system to be integrated into a future Apple-branded vehicle. However, the timing of Apple Car are currently completely unknown, so we just have to follow the developments of the project.


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