Apple asks developers to optimize apps for 5G

Apple asked developers to optimize apps for 5G, while also recommending ways to do it best. Meanwhile, some apps dedicated to iPhone keyboards are eliminated from the App Store in China.


Apple he said to developers who should increase the support for 5G in their apps:

Wi-Fi and LTE have long helped apps deliver connected experiences like video streaming, social networking, and online gaming, and the 5G network can offer even more opportunities to take advantage of high-bandwidth, low-latency connections in your app. Find out how you can optimize your existing app or build a new product from scratch with 5G in mind so you can move more data faster and deliver a great experience to people around the world.

Apple has defined streaming apps, games, machine learning apps, and those using augmented reality as titles that should make better use of 5G. Apple also pointed out that the 5G can be faster than some Wi-Fi networks, suggesting that developers no longer have to think of cellular connection as the slowest one.

Forget about the network distinction, as 5G typically performs better than Wi-Fi, it’s up to you to decide how your app best uses network resources, and you no longer have to rely on the general network type (cellular or Wi-Fi) to do this. Instead, you can use Constrained and Expensive to describe various network states. Each of these states is based on information from a person’s data mode choices (as defined in Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Options) and cellular plan restrictions.

Meanwhile, give it China the news arrives that Apple has deleted from the store some types of apps. While Reuters doesn’t say exactly which apps have been removed, they are all virtual keyboards. One of the affected companies says it is already working to return to the store, as most of the apps have been deleted due to violations of Chinese rules on the collection of personal data. We know that Apple respects local regulations also in order not to create friction with the Chinese government, and has fifthly eliminated the apps from the store.


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