Apple announces iCloud + and some news for iCloud

During the WWDC 2021 keynote, Apple announced some news for iCloud and the arrival of the iCloud + subscription service.

New for Clouds

Among the news coming to iCloud we find a very interesting one concerning a new way to recover your Apple account. We will have the possibility to add contacts through which we can recover our account.

When we need to recover our account, for example if we no longer remember the password, we can ask one of the contacts we previously added to generate a code which, once entered, will give us the possibility to reset the password.

Also comes the function Legacy Contact. Through this function we will be able to designate one or more accounts that will inherit our account. This is a rather important function, especially in the event of the user’s death. This will allow the designated contact to have full access to that user’s account.

iCloud +

Apple also introduced the iCloud + subscription service which adds three new features over the standard version: Private Relay, Hide My Email, HomeKit Secure Video.

Private Relay is the main novelty of iCloud +. Through this new feature, all traffic outgoing from the device is encrypted and sent through two separate relays. Apple claims that no one, not even Apple itself, can access or view this data. This feature can almost be seen as a kind of Apple VPN.

Hide My Email is a new feature, already integrated in Mail, Safari and other services, which allows you to send e-mails using random addresses. In this way it is possible to hide our email for greater privacy.

Finally, comes support for an unlimited number of cameras that support the technology HomeKit Secure Video. Currently, iCloud users can use up to five cameras per account, but this limit has been removed on iCloud +.


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