Apple announces a ‘Special Event’ after tomorrow’s keynote

There are only a few hours left to the highly anticipated opening keynote of WWDC 2021 but with an announcement on Apple Music the company unveils a new ‘Special Event’. This special event will kick off two hours after tomorrow night’s keynote.

Apple Music

The event is not yet included in tomorrow’s schedule but will be dedicated to spatial audio for Apple Music, one of the innovations announced only a few weeks ago and expected for the current month. We remember in fact that Spatial Audio is Dolby Atmos will be two of the news shortly available on Apple Music at no additional cost, together with the new lossless audio formats.

The company has entrusted to social media and Apple Music the promotion of this event, the content of which however remains a mystery. Apple, as always, did not want to provide any kind of anticipation, so we just have to wait for the event tomorrow night to know all the details that will be revealed. Are you expecting some news? Let us know in the comments


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