App Store: 2% of the top 1000 apps are scams

Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the recent trial against Epic that without the company’s review process, the App Store would be “chaos”. However, according to a new report from the Washington Post, of the 1,000 highest grossing apps on the App Store, nearly 2% were scams.

Some of these apps included VPNs that falsely told users they were infected with a virus, leading them to purchase unnecessary software. Also on the list were dating apps, QR readers, and apps that fraudulently claimed to be from major brands like Amazon or Samsung. Some have even used fake customer reviews to move up the App Store rankings.

These apps may have defrauded users for an estimated amount of around 48 million dollars, according to the Post’s estimates. According to reports, however, after reporting them to Apple, the company has already removed 12 of the 18 offending apps.

Apple recently said it blocked $ 1.5 billion in potentially fraudulent transactions last year alone, adding that it usually discovers the scams within a month of their arrival in the stoe. During the recent trial, however, Epic accused Apple of using security as a pretext to claim a commission of up to 30% on transactions.


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