An iPad Pro with wireless charging will arrive in 2022

According to Bloomberg next year a new iPad Pro will arrive with a glass back and wireless charging, both to recharge and to recharge other accessories.

The year 2022 could bring us a new iPad Pro with a glass back. This change in material, which the iPhone has already brought for a few years, would be explained by the inclusion of wireless charging among its features. Not only could we recharge the iPad Pro wirelessly, but we could We could also use it as a charging base for other devices, thanks to the reverse charging. This functionality has been rumored for the iPhone on several occasions, but it has never been implemented. An iPad Pro with a much larger battery does seem to make more sense that it can share its charge with other devices, rather than an iPhone with a more limited battery.

The doubts generated by this inclusion of wireless charging for the iPad are several. The first is recharging time using wireless charging. The battery of the iPad Pro is much larger than that of the iPhone, so if wireless charging on the iPhone is slower than via cable, on the iPad Pro you can get an idea of ​​how long it may take to complete. The second question is the type of wireless charger required. It would take a huge charging base to fit a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, or perhaps Apple is considering the MagSafe as a system to use.

With the advances that are coming in wireless charging, perhaps next year Apple will increase the charging power of its chargers and the MagSafe system. In the meantime, If you were thinking of switching to the new iPad Pro for its M1 processor and new screen, it may be worth waiting for next year, because Bloomberg does not usually fail in his predictions.

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