AirTag accessories never launched by Apple appear on eBay

Some new colors of Apple’s AirTag cases have appeared on eBay, among which the “California Poppy” already shown by the company in some commercial images stands out.

ebay airtag

At the moment, the AirTag lanyard Official Apple is available in Electric Orange, Sunflower Yellow, Deep Navy and White. A new listing on eBay reveals that Apple most likely planned releases as well Pink and Blue surf. The eBay seller “chargerstore” is known for offering Apple prototype accessories in the past, so reliability is very high, but clearly we cannot guarantee that these are original units. Prices are $ 29 per single product.

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The same seller also offers us a look at the leather key ring in the color “California Poppy” which appeared briefly in commercial images later deleted by Apple. The price on eBay is $ 39.

It is not clear if we will see these colors in the future, but the odds are very low given that the colors of the Apple accessories are seasonal and are launched months later. It is more likely that Apple only designed these colors, and then decided not to market them.

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