AirPlay 2 will arrive on IKEA Symfonisk speakers

Ikea has inadvertently confirmed support for the AirPlay 2 protocol for an upcoming version of the Sonos Symfonisk speaker.

airplay 2 sonos Symfonisk

In a list on his site Web in the US, IKEA describes Symfonisk as “a WiFi speaker and a frame in one that makes sound blend with home“.

Like other Symfonisk products, the frame speaker was created in collaboration with Sonos and features integration with AirPlay 2. The technology allows Apple users to stream audio to multiple rooms and control the device via HomeKit and the Home app. IKEA users can purchase two frames to make a stereo pair.

The IKEA website currently shows black and white color options, both priced at $ 199.99. The new Symfonisk is not yet available for sale.


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