According to Gurman, at the moment we will not have second generation of AirPods Max

Good old Mark Gurman, explained last Friday in the popular Bloomberg media that we would not have second generation AirPods Max, yes, it seems that Apple would be considering the option of launching the same model of headphones but in more colors.

MacRumors he echoed the news last Friday at the last minute and everything indicates that at least for the moment they are not working on the manufacture of second-generation headphones for these AirPods Max. Remember that the AirPods Max were launched last December 2020, they are relatively new on the market but it is strange that a second generation is not already being worked on you don’t think …

It is entirely possible that in a short period of time the signature consider launching this same model with the same components and design but adding more colors to those already available and it is something that it has already done in its iPad Air range and more recently with the new iMac. In the case of AirPods Max at the moment there are no rumors about new components within the production chain or anything similar.

The stock has stabilized for several days

And it is that those who take the product from its first day of launch will know that it was practically impossible to buy AirPods Max without having to wait several months to receive them. In this sense Apple already has stock for the next day in case of online purchase, even for collection the same day in official company stores around the world. The price in our country of these headphones of € 629 and as we say anyone can access them right now without having to wait weeks until they reach their hands.

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