A new watch face appears in watchOS 8 that Apple did not show

watchOS 8

This is something that usually happens frequently after Apple’s official presentations and in this case the watchOS 8 version added a unique new sphere in which photographs were the protagonistscalled portraits.

The new version of the operating system of Apple smart watches adds quite a few new features to the system, but many expect new faces or watchfaces every year despite the fact that they usually launch a new one from time to time without having to wait for an event such as the WWDC. Well, it seems that in a session that is being carried out between Apple developers and engineers a new sphere called World slipped inTimer.

The latest “UIKit News” related to the iOS operating system was being shown and the Cupertino firm showed a screenshot in which this new face for the Apple Watch could be clearly seen. With the name of World Timer, this new face for the Apple watch displays a world map with the time zones of various cities of all the world.

This type of dial is usually common in traditional watches although these only indicate a type of work and with the Apple Watch being digital it can show different simultaneously. That said, it is unknown if this new sphere for the Apple Watch in its new version of the operating system will arrive with the next beta version or wait a little longer to launch it. At the moment in the current version of the software this sphere does not appear referred to as World Timer by Apple.

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